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April 13, 2007



Yo dawg, you got it right...


I agree! Sharpton and Jackson are always out to get the white man. I think that what Imus said was wrong. But to see Sharpton and Jackson so hurt by the comment, call for an immediate dismissal made me sick. What about the rappers? They rap about killing cops, getting high and the sex they had with their slut. This is what our children are listening to! Where are you now Sharpton? Jackson? Start the protest! Oh yeah, you would loose popularity with the black community. I am for diversity. And I suggest that if Sharpton and Jackson really want to diversify this country, attack the rappers too. Put on your make-up, get behind the camera and fight the crap that every race is spewing at our children. As for now...it looks very hypocritical.

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