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April 06, 2007


john moderno

Just a note to offer kudos.......on the basis of this article and the one on Revelation.....I now am a subscriber to your feeds...........Keep up the good work. We share perspectives.........Thanks for doing the hard work of "putting it out there"

Bob Brown

The downside of any kind of war is that we cannot see the effects of victory as readily as those of defeat. You never know what carnage you have prevented, once you win a battle. As an ongoing paradox, the various free media, righfully so, contribute to that phenomena. The press levels the playing field for otherwise small-time thugs, sometimes sharing their destructive activities, primetime, with the leader of the free world. This sometimes negative characteristic of the free press is something we must remain cognizant of, otherwise we play into the hands of the ones we are trying to defeat. Use of the American press to gain an advantage through world opinion, while at the same time creating dissention and disapproval at home, was perfected during the war in Vietnam. I know, because I was there to experience it first hand.

I find it extremely interesting how this essay ties in with the one on the Book of Revelation, especially in light of my own recent research and study of that amazing book. Wrapping together all the prophesies with our own history should give us a perspective needed to forge ahead in our never ending quest to defeat evil, to whatever extent possible.

Of great concern is the intentional dumbing down of the American population, by this nations left over the last generation. Is there a significant segment of the most modern generation that can even recall the Korean and Vietnam wars, let alone the factors leading to those conflicts? That's not to mention relaxed requirements for learning the history of the American Republic, and the Judeo-Christian influence on the values and laws by which it was formed in the first place. Knowledge of history ensures that you will not likely repeat the same mistakes. I shudder to think of how we ignore the signs of capitulation, especially in many crucial areas pertaining to protection of our indivitual rights, all in the name of diversity. We may not reach the point in our lifetimes where we realize that our actions in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq (among others) were proper and just. But if we don't start exercising some positive thinking regarding our involvement in all international relations, while at the same time maintaining the belief that our system and our intentions are noble, we will fall victim to the accusations that we are the evil ones. We are dangerously close to that now. A firsthand account of the unfolding of the events of Revelation, perhaps to many of us alive today, will follow the relaxation of our war waged against evil.

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