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October 23, 2007



Come on people... duh, it was not Iraq who attacked us.

Saudia Arabians Attacked US.
Iraq Never attacked us
Cheney said it was for OIL (check you tube)
Bush said WMD then he said he was wrong.
1997 Speech on the house floor tells of the plan to attack Iraq.
Hello 9-11 had nothing to do with this war
Maybe you should go back and try to find out why we attacked Iraq.
Really it appears to me that the dollar needed proped because they want to stall
a bankrupcy of the United States the dollar is falling off the face of the earth and no one in the Middle east wants our money any more. We have no money it's all debt.


Phil I have read your bio and it does not say anything about having any military experience. Your bio also fails to mention any qualifications whatsoever for your above opinions. In fact, all it says is that you have been a computer guy for 23 years. Well let me tell you something you farkin' war mongerer... real battle ain't like Duke Nukem' on your PC. Real people are dying including innocent people, women, children, American patriots.. for what? Because "Iraq is a lot better place to fight the lunatic terrorists than are the mountains of Afghanistan". You sir are a dolt and a waste of every readers time. Your shoddy little dream of being an online journalist is farked because you can't pull your head out of your arse regarding these war hawks! Oh and Flo is right on the money! This is all about sustaining the dollar from complete collapse. Phil, what is the sound of an Empire crashing? Why don't you open your ears and listen!


"Putting the war on Iraqi soil was the right thing to do, all things considered."

No, no it wasn't. It put us in far more danger than we ever were before.


Wow cmo & flo...

I thought Art Bell was off the air.

Not a "journalist" cmo...
...just an Opinion Columnist. Funny isn't it, how we don't have to pass a board of inquiry exam, before we are allowed to form opinions and express them to others.

Gee whiz, since all of our civil liberties have gone out the window (according to Dr. Paul) you'd think we would have lost the right to express our opinions long ago.

Are you sure sure that you are on board with Ron on that rights & liberties thing?

Oh... if military service was a requirement before expressing opinions about matters of war & peace, then what business would it be of Congress to decide? There are a great many on both sides of the aisle who would have to sit on their voting finger.

Thanks for participating.


>But Iraq is a lot better place to fight the lunatic terrorists than are the mountains of Afghanistan.

Umm, there were very few terrorists in Iraq before we invaded. For all Saddam's faults, he did keep Al Qaeda from gaining any foothold in his country whatsoever. Now, our being there creates more terrorists than we kill. How is this a good situation?

>Since pre-invasion Iraq was itching for a confrontation,

You mean by agreeing to every single demand the US placed on them? First it was the report on their old WMD programs. They complied. Then it was allowing UN inspectors. They complied. Next it was allowing unfettered access to anywhere in their country. They complied. All of this is enshrined in the news reports leading up to the war, and it was clear to anyone with a brain in their head that Bush wanted this war no matter what Iraq did.

>Duh... Iraq did not attack us on 9/11. So what?

So what?!? So we invaded a sovereign nation for no good reason, killing tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of innocent civilians in the process and wasting over a trillion dollars in the process. A trillion dollars that has not been paid for, but will soon by all of us in the form of a collapsed dollar.

>Are we playing a game of tagg? Should we be required to bring all of our troops to their home tree, and count to ten before they can go out and do their soldiering again? Putting the war on Iraqi soil was the right thing to do, all things considered.

Right in what strange alternate uviverse?


I like Ron Paul EXCEPT for the very reason you pointed out. The reason's we went into Iraq don't matter at this point. We can't go back and change it. It's my opinion we were going into Iraq for ANY reason due to it's geography in a part of the world we had too little influence in. But if we don't pull this off successfully now that we're in it, we'll have one hell of a problem on our hands in less than a generation.


I love seeing these armchair journalists trying to get webhits by smearing Ron Paul. Please note that the only editorials on Phil "please pay attention to me" Harris web page with comments are the ones calling Paul supporters lunatics. I could care less about Ron Paul, but for some reason I do care about journalistic integrity. All I could picture while reading this article was Mr. Harris stomping his feet like an 8 year old demanding attention and legitimacy. Good luck with that Philly!

p.s. Townhall has officially stooped to a new low by posting your musings.


You're a funny guy will...

But just to set your mind at ease, I have only recently enabled the comments feature on my articles, which means most of them for the past three years did not offer comments.

... I have had many requests from TownHall readers to comment on the various candidates, which as you can see, I am now in the process of doing.

I am most curious to know how supporters of the other candidates present themselves in online discourse. To be honest with you, the Ron Paul supporters have been a real eye-opener for me. I get far less venom when I write articles about abortion.

Thanks for stopping by.

Bill Petty

Phil=Mr. Blood and Guts. Your guts and someone else's blood. Chickenhawk.

Vietnam Vet against the war



Thanks for your service in Vietnam, and I sincerely mean that.

I have discussed my views extensively with Veterans. Some have been in Iraq.

I also discuss this with someone who slugged it out at the Battle of the Bulge.

He and I are in agreement.

Blood and Guts are two things in this world that do not change much.


wanda gag

I appreciate plain talk, and I understand the importance of keeping it simple, but Duh, lunatic terrorists in the mountains of Afghanistan are getting rich growing opium. How many westerners are killed by heroin? Duh, Iraq is now a huge breeding ground for almost every stripe of terrorist imaginable. The PKK is attacking our NATO ally Turkey, Shites have imposed Islamic law throughout much of the country and Suni from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria are blowing themselves up in markets while we blam Iran for the insurgency. Puttinh the war on Iraqi soil was the right thing to do? How many of the millions of Iraqis that have fled to Syria and Iran will return with guns. Who will they shoot them at?

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