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October 24, 2007



I found the robot/abortion column tasteless; if we just changed it to our soldiers have their brains splattered after an IUD it would a perfect column for Code Pink.

The war stands on its own as good or bad; and so does abortion without appealing to the lowest common denominator

I assumed you would have done to the polish women as did the polish govt and 3 eye doctors. A year or two ago, a polish woman with 3 children and pregnant was told by 3 eye doctors that the pregnancy would very likely impair her vision very greatly. However, each of them refused to sign off on an abortion. Lo and behold, she had a retinal hemorrhage as predicted and lost 90% of her vision. It made headlines because she sued under the European Union of which Poland is a member and was awarded $33,000. She can only see 5ft in front of her and needs assistance now with 4 kids.
From your post, she is nothing but an object; you would like the govt to be in control of her body and leave the decision, even if there is discretion, to others.

After all losing your sight from being pregnant only applies to those who can be pregnant and what is the big deal according to you since 95% blindness is not as bad as an abortion. After all it is not death of a child to use your lingo.

It seems to the height of arrogance to attempt to influence such by an emotional appeal to ban abortion. I assume for you that there is no good reason to abort, or as put it, tear a fetus apart, hence, appeal to the lowest common denominator.


You are correct... It is tragic that the Polish Woman lost much of her vision, but I find it a pathetic arguement to wave as justification for slaughtering children in the womb.

You find that discussing the facts about abortion to be a low blow. I find that the facts about abortion, that cold hard surgical instruments are placed in the uterus, and grasp arms and legs, and baby heads... that they crush and rip the little bodies apart so the pieces can be extracted through the cervical opening to be....


...and that such procedures are not rare, but occur thousands of times each and every day of the year, is reason enough to try and open the eyes of people so they know what is behind such sterile words as "abort" or "reproductive healthcare" or "choice".

Lowest common denominator... give me a break. I was hoping that this discussion would not be tasteless, but would leave a repulsive aftertaste for you to consider.

And by the way, my son also had a retinal hemorrhage. He was not pregnant, did not give birth, did not have an abortion, and did not sue anyone either. Thankfully, he was successfully treated for the condition and it has much improved.


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