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November 11, 2007



this is an interesting view of the inside of your head -- thanks.

in the real world, poor Americans die because they don't have healthcare. it happens every day. no press conferences. no irony. just pointless suffering in a bad system.

You can blame them, or not blame them. Call them "grasshoppers" if you like -- that's the kind of stinging remark that really gets under the skin of the 8 million US children who do not have health care. go tell them they're lazy.


That is the same liberal fantasy that the bug story shines the spotlight on. Non-exclusive-non-fancy-pants hospitals (like all three in my community) are required to provide life sustaining services without regard to the patient's ability to pay. Those without healthcare are not turned away to die, and in fact, are ready, willing, and able to provide critical services in exchange for whatever government reimbursement they can obtain. They are expert at milking the system and will provide assistance so the patient may access all that is available.

The real problem with the state of medical care in the United States has more to do with the Health Insurance nightmare that exists because of the Health Insurance industry. A government run Health Insurance mandate, such as one created by Hillary or any fill-in-the-blank liberal will simply take a bad situation into hyperspace.

My experience with Health Insurance is that I pay thousands of dollars in premiums every year, and still end up with large medical bills to pay, putting even more pressure on tight budgets.

Health Insurance or the lack thereof does not save lives. It only creates black holes into which money is sucked at the speed of light from my pocket and everyone else’s. Except of course, from those who are not "privileged" to have it. They in fact, are provided excellent high-tech care regardless, and for those who need it, I am happy they receive the care they need.

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