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February 17, 2008


Solange Miller

Obama has nothing against infanticide..

McCain - Huckabee is the best ticket for the GOP.

Unless you want Hillary - Obama to enforce Roe v Wade for another 30 years...

The demographic winter is coming to the US.

Aging workforce.


There are a number of military strategies for dealing with Al Qaeda training camps or cells.

Getting out troops involved in the Kurdish quest for independence is not one of them.

How does recognition of this fact constitute appeasement or lack of stamina?


We are not fighting the Kurds battles for them. We were interested in the fact that Saddam used the Kurdish population as target practice for his chemical weapons. If there were no other reason to go into Iraq, a reasonable mind might desire to stop such from happening again, especially since no one knew whether Saddam still had Chemical weapons or not, except in hindsight.

But to grab at peripheral issues such as what the Kurds are doing, or whether there would be any getting along of Shiite and Sunnis following the government's downfall is like saying, I shouldn't breath air in Nevada, because there are still people smoking in Casinos.

Saddam needed to be removed, should have been removed the first time around, and would have had to be removed at some point in the future. Now was likely a less painful time to do so than later.


Can someone explain to me how McCain got the nomination?


Incidentally, the candidate who got the most contributions from military families in each of the last 4 quarters was Ron Paul.


But Saddam Hussein has been removed. What is the reason for the continued U.S. presence?

If there is to be stability there, a politically consolidated government or governments must form that form functioning armies and police forces.

Either the three main groups or even more subgroups will set up their own politically consolidated governments or one group will be able to rule over the others and set up its own politically consolidated government.

Even when Saddam Hussein ruled, his real army, the republican guard, was Sunni. Shiites and Kurds were used as the fodder.

A government without political consolidation, such as the so-called national unity government cannot form a functioning army or police force. Training and arms of such forces has no value if those forces are not loyal. In fact, the training and weapons enable the militias, who the troops are actually loyal to, to engage in a bloodier war than they would otherwise fight.

Spencer Anderson

so, i think it is safe to say that you are pretty patriotic, right?

and i also think it is safe to say that you think america is the best country on earth...it seems like it from your site...

then why did you use a euro for the image of the coins? wouldn't a quarter have worked?

o yeah, and there is no god and if there was he wouldn't give a rats ass about us

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