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July 13, 2008



I'm not familar with Tony Snow's background or religious beliefs, but I have seen him on TV, and he appeared as just another likeable spokesman, for yet another transient Washington Administration. I can't seem him as any icon of hope, but if he had that effect on some people, well then more power to him. You are not doing this in the post, but I think we have to be careful about linking Christianity with any political party or political personality. Such parties or persons can be used of God but they may be simply instruments for a time. Before the Civil War many devout southern Christians supported slavery, and were opposed by many equally devout northern Christians on the other side. Who was right?

After the Civil War numerous missionary teachers went down South to educate the freed slaves. Disimssed and derided as the "liberal do-gooders" of their day, they played a critical role in the development of black education. Conservatives such as Booker T. Washington, down to today's conservatives like Thomas Sowell, both pay tribute to the debt black education owes to these "liberal" teachers, some of whom were murdered by those supporting Jim Crow. You see where I am coming from? Who is the "approved" in this situation, the "liberals" of their day or the "conservatives"? Linking Christianity with any party or political faction or leader is fraught with contradiction and danger.

I have no problem with favoring those, who at the moment, offer the best prospects for freedom of worship and moral standards. It should be kept in mind however that they are political animals like everyone else, tacking to prevailing winds, with only one real goal- acquiring power. How often have would be Christian kingmakers placed their faith in political messiahs only to be bitterly disappointed when he deals with them at arms length and "sells out" their cherished agenda? Too often the political saviour situation is like that pointed out by the OT prophets- they are like a broken reed that pierceth the hand. The millions of dollars and man-hours spent on getting these "messiahs of the moment" elected would be far better spent on grassroots strengthening of crumbling community churches, crumbling families, crumbling knowledge of the scriptures, and crumbling individual integrity and responsibility. That is where the real, critical battle is, not in Washington.


Very thoughtful comment enriquecardova, and I agree with you. Jesus Christ said to us; "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me."

Therefore, no man comes to the Father via any political Party and certainly by no Politician. On the other hand, we live in the moment on this earth and because we have the power through our votes to effect the environment in which we live, work, and worship, it makes sense to do what we can to knock down roadblocks, threats, and those who would celebrate the goals of the devil.

For now, the Democrats have taken it upon themselves to insure the effective slaughter of helpless vulnerable children, through abortion on demand. Barak Obama has been and promises to continue to champion this cause, and thus, I must stand in opposition. The best (albeit imperfect) means of doing this is through the Republican Party.

There certainly are good Democrats, and third Party politicians as well, but they are of no use to effect any resistance in Washington to the goals of satan. For now, the conservatives in the Republican Party seem to be supportive of the free expression of our faith, the good work that the faithful can do, the reversal of the horrors of abortion, and a general desire for a moral society.

I will support such people for those reasons, until I am convinced that a better alternative exists. Not for the sake of a Political Party, but for the goals in which I believe.

In the end, of course, all that is of the world will be swept away, and He Who Lives will return. May God be with us in our efforts until that day.

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