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August 20, 2008



Thats kinda dum! No man can ever be as great and compare to god!God is the almighty!This is Blasphemy

jac mac

Since elected I heard Obama say something like "America is not a country of Christians, or a country of Muslims...it is a country of citizens".
It appears that as a part of an intellectual strategy to undermine historical and Christian embedded national identity, he is using a tactical illogic to conflate two distinct and seperate categories so as to unsettle and not so slowly culturally disorientate the majority of Americans.
Did he also refer to himself as a 'shaman'?

Michalle Farrakhan

So There is only ONE GOD, and GOD is THE UNSEEN GOD and GOD can not be created an idol of because NO ONE has ever seen GOD. We are living in a time when the world is seeking to know about GOD and BARAK OBAMA is right- NO ONE is reading their BIBLE. If he based his law making off the BIBLE as President, then Americans and the world would be subject to harsh judgement-worse than what we are experiencing now. We are really daily approaching a time of Judgement. LEVITICUS and DEUTERONOMY had harsh laws for the people. MOSES went on the mount and came back with 10 Commandments and many of Americans even if they go to church and proclaim Christianity are not fully practicing. The Sexually Immoral have rights and the IDOL worshippers have rights. Because our Bible says Give them Grace. But no grace wants to be given to BARAK and JESUS. While BARAK and JESUS are not GOD. They come to earth to awaken us. People are so critical of every word and detail and miss the message. The message that BARAK and JESUS bring is WE are not SEEKING, ASKING, KNOCKING to GOD. there should be no argument as to who is the Messiah if the messenger is offering you a way to GET RIGHT with GOD whom we cannot see. As BARAK says, this goes for All people- sexually immoral, idol worshippers, killers, theives irregardless of religion, age, race, nation, creed, etc. So don't let the devil fool you into any arguments. God is whom we cannot see and need to SEEK.


I think You do a great job. Thanks

Bea K.

Know I'm two years too late, but had NO idea this video (now removed, which I will try to find elsewhere) existed. Besides his 'mis-beliefs' about the Bible, he seems determined to hand Jerusalem over to the Palestinians, which is aganist the Word of God.
He seems to be getting more arrogant as time goes on, which is not a good thing in God's sight. I will continue to pray for him as the Bible commands us to do, but he needs to get to know the 'real' God and Jesus of the Bible and I hope and pray that happens real soon.

Tina H

I believe that there is something odd about how things are going with Obama things are happening to easily.. Nothing good happens over night as I see it. I feel that he is here sent by someone of something. Do I believe or trust him No.. Why I don't really know but my intuision screams.. NOT GOOD!! I think in my own thoughts that he is a messanger to deliver bad news to the people only those that know the lord jesus Christ see the truth is seems.. I believe he is the second coming unto Satan.. before the end times begin. I will also pray for him .. to many issues are coming up that in th bible says stuff like one world order.. I don't trust him.. this is my feels on it.

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