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July 25, 2009


P Lewis

I think you're confused. Passage of legislation by an elected majority of representatives does not constitute "cramming down" health care - even if you didn't vote for the majority party and don't like the legislation. It's the system the Founders put in place. What are you, some kinda commie?

Michalle Farrakhan

You have a point Phil, but Government Option- There is nothing wrong with it. Why vote against it. In the state of Georgia there is Peachcare which is based on income. Although a person works they have the option of Government Insurance which is only used by single parent families now. So for working single parent families they may qualify for it and the coverage is great. It almost covers everything needed to care for children. It allows single parents to cover themselves by employer and cover their children on the Government Plan and it pays for Medical, Dental and Prescriptions with the payment of a low monthly premium. Most Doctors are on the Plan anyway so you can choose your own doctor. People I know on it have better insurance than they could afford working with any good employer for their children. For example- A single parent covered on the job would pay still a family coverage because of their children at a rate of $200-300 per month which does not cover 100% costs and still pay a co-pay and 20% hospitalization. But when they use a government option a single parent can cover themselves at work for $100.00 per month or less and the children on Peachcare for $50.00 per month. Savings of $50-150 per month depending on household. Many states should adopt this plan. If everyone will have to pay a penalty for not having health insurance then Government Option would be a good plan because it is based on income. So although many people may have jobs, they will have the option of being covered by their employer or the government which will PUSH employers and companies to lower insurance rates and give better coverage. I think many people view the Government Option as Welfare and view it as not good coverage, but for Medicaid covers almost everything- so why would a person view it as not good coverage- because only the poor qualify for it? With the government option- the working could qualify for it too based on income. A Better Government Option will be based on income as well to include single and married people- young and elderly working without children. This new plan being created is unfair to have a plan with a penalty for ages 18-35. Who will be paid to monitor this? Another issue of Job creation,2 persons ha.ha. I did not have health insurance for 10 years and Thank God, I was never sick. So should anyone have to pay a penalty for being WELL while employed or unemployed?
The Government is pushing for the Health System to be like car insurance. Pay a penalty for not having it. People are right and should be leary that it will cover the bare minimum for something they will be required to have while still having to foot the bill for illness, disease, and accidents it won't cover. Another point to consider is the special cases-Government would need to create an exception plan- but as far as I know they cover a lot of special needs on Medicare or Medicaid-again for the poor. I still think too many people are looking for Obama to be the Messiah as in having the answer for all problems. He can't have it because He is not God. No matter what he does there will still be a critic. But states should submit to him plans they have adopted and show him what works so Obama can adapt a plan to show the nation or create a new one. Still it will be no perfect plan because there is none that exist now- except if you are RICH. And the RICH are exempt. So be leary of the rich who are making the rules- if they can pay low premiums that cover nothing if they get sick- they have the money in the bank to cover their illness anyway. And if they are the CEO- their health coverage plan is better than the employees. The employees pay for it. So why should they really care unless you push them?

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