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January 20, 2010


Michalle Farrakhan

This is a really smart-alic article, and your concern is very caring. Is Haiti's money going to pay for these lunchables? They were poor before the Earthquake so why do they deserve Rich Service? Are their Tax Dollars paying for this? They have to be appreciative of whatever help they can get from a God caused- natural disaster. The people that are over there instead of looting and stealing why aren't they working to rebuild their country? The ungrates are making their situation worse and it is a further hardship on the innocents over there. They are running around and have any of them tried to plant any crops to grow so they can have food? What about create a way for them to have clean water? When you are at a defecit and need help and others are giving you something you did not work for-is it fair for you to expect gourmet service? Obviously you do not buy lunchables. They are $2-$5.00 per pack for a couple pieces of crackers, meat and juice. A major rip of for children in America and a convenience for time or laziness to prepare a child's lunch. A bag of grits and rice is $2 and can feed more people. You are obviously not the person to spend Tax Payer's Money. And to comment on the response of the world being slow and not efficient-absurd as you say does not make sense. They have to be grateful for the help that has come. Once a person from Africa said to me- (and this is that person's ignorance) Why do the Americans send us their used clothes and toys- we want new stuff? I was so apalled. Who are you to complain about what you get for FREE? You did not work for it? When the twin towers disaster hit the US I did not hear any news of any country giving AID to the US. Why are we-Americans criticized about our money and help we-Americans give? In fact we treat other countries better than our own people. There are still Americans with no running water and food to eat. We pay for everything we get in America- education, food, home. Others even come here with their free education and get better jobs than the natives? I feel sorry for the Haitians position. If I were there I would be devistated. But I would just not sit around waiting on someone else- like another country to deliver us. I would get up-dry my tears-drag my broke leg- and come up with a plan to recover. Clean up will not take place over night-although the disaster did. I know I am not the only person who has been in the position of dragging my broke leg and the world has not always had airplaines. They need to pray, repent,get up and work, be Thankful and "Wait Thee On the Lord." The Blessings will come in The Lord's Time.



I actually agree with you. Haiti has been a prime example of a U.S. Taxpayer black hole, and no one has done them favors by putting them essentially on the welfare rolls.

But in this case... and in similar cases of disasters of "Biblical Proportions", there is an immediate need of life-preserving aid.

I don't care if they get "Lunchables" or if they get a package of crackers and peanut-butter. The fact is that there is food aid coming in, but remains out of reach of starving people.

Lets feed the hungery in a simple-quick fashion, and then work to teach them how to fish (give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime).

Drop food where people can gather it individually without waiting on distribution systems. Just dump it out of the plane, and they can pick it up like the Manna which was provided by God for the Isrealites in the wilderness.

I think you posted this under the wrong article, by the way.

Citizen Phil

Michalle Farrakhan

Phil and Readers,
I am sorry for posting this article and the above on the wrong page, I really do not know how it happened except I must have opened too many articles at once but If you can move it do so.

This is in Reference to Haitians Choking To Death on Aid Distribution Problems.

I see your point of view now- with the Manna. You may be right. Food is being delivered but is not reaching the needy. The food can risk perishing. Another waste of taxpayer money.

And....Maybe it is a sign that the Lord don't want deliverance there until He says it is time. Another hardship created.

I believe the people there helping are doing the best they can in addition to the shortage of fuel to gas the planes and cars.

Those who make it should recognize a miracle and Praise the Lord.

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