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June 29, 2010



Great article!!! You are exactly right. That is criminal and immoral. We need to call it out. You did a great job doing that.

Michalle Farrakhan

Phil, I definitely agree with this statement:

Many illegal border crossers are simply looking for what they perceive to be a better life, but allowing them to enter this country illegally makes them criminals nevertheless. Their ever growing presence does in fact cause loss of property and liberty for citizens, because they require government resources on a scale that threatens to bankrupt cities and states that are bound to protect them and educate their children. Those who arrive in this country through legal means assimilate into the society that serves them, and they participate directly to support that society.

To add: the illegal flooding of immigrants into the United States causes loss of jobs for many Americans in the manner that the demand of jobs in Real Estate, Customer Service, Administrative, Management, Receptionist, Sales etc. is for Bi-lingual Persons. A form of discrimination by accommodation. I have nothing against all races, but if you are coming to America-the language of the land is English. If anyone goes to another country, then they would be expected to learn the language over there to survive. Employers in the US-nor the government should not accommodate language barriers. If they did not-they would create more Translator agency jobs in that category.It is hard to qualify for a job when you meet all the criteria except bi-lingual. Not only that with their new Social Security numbers, 1.they admit that they come here and work 20 years to retire and return to their country to live rich 2. they apply for credit-loans-homes-welfare-foodstamps-social security and some never worked one day in this country-the elderly immigrants. When they default-they some move back to their country and leave the debt behind or change their identity and start over again while here. They some have degrees employers havent even proven they actually went to school for or completed the education-so many tell me they lie. They some have luxuries we Americans in the US dont even have. While Obama may see immigrants as a way to bail us out-they definitely are bankrupting us at the same time.I beleive that this is the sign of the Apocolypse.While I am saddened for the turmoil and prosecution they face in their countries for freedom to worship God and live the life of freedom we live based on the Bible, the answer is not fleeing their country but adapting our Constitution and Bible. Who are we to say anyway? This is God's land and God's world. Man can go anywhere they please and live at other people's costs. Did I forget? No-Its Gods money too!!!Just invite the whole world over and have FAITH!!!

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