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August 13, 2010


S Rubicon - Southcentral PA, USA

I too am amazed at how far hard left our government, or its leaders to be more accurate, have gone. I find it ironic Democrats are being cautioned by their own national party apparatus to stay away from mentioning the achievements of Democrats since their majority status came about in 2006, & was added to in 2008.
If they cannot talk about the 'great' (sic) things they've done, then its obvious all they will do is attack any & every Republican or conservative policy proposal.
Its pretty bad when your constituents do not see your accomplishments as positive so you must try to use character assassination as your only means of defense!

Michalle Farrakhan

Many including President Barak Obama argue that the debt and issues inherited were there created by former President Bush, Clinton and others. This is true, however, when you accept a job you never know the true issues, debt, or catastrophes that will occur during your hire. No President hired has had the "experience" of being the President of the United States before they were hired. In respect, we all owe President Obama the respect of the decisions he makes while in office. The true issue at hand is when doing business from the heart and for the honest good of people- progress is made. When doing the most logical thing based on statistics-a stock gamble is made. The Rich are still getting Richer and the Middle Class are falling poorer. The gap is widening and Barak Obama has to learn to create jobs by offering programs to help people begin their own business by way of honest grants and not as the system requires you to obtain loans to get grants. If it only cost less that $5K to begin businesses, it is more lucrative to give this in grants than food stamps in this amount for one year. The rich offer food to the poor to keep them poor. Offer money to begin businesses so people will become Self-suffiecient. Too Much Like Right-Right?

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